Catching up

OK, I’ve been a bad blogger lately. I haven’t posted anything quite some time now. BUT I do have good reason at least.

On the job front, I’m still working at the university a few hours a week. Sometimes as many as 15 hours in a week! It’s an easy, laid-back position thus far. Make sure everything is clean, the rooms are stocked, the computer equipment is humming along without glitches. Most of the time I have my time free and clear though. Since my supervisor already knows this, she (and the rest of the staff) have encouraged me to bring magazines, books, my homework. Just no Facebook on the school computer, or anything…uh-hum, “compromising”. Keep it “professional”.  Otherwise, I am allowed to surf the net to my little heart’s content. News sites, blogs, etc etc etc. – pretty much all is fair game and encouraged!

So that brings me to my next update: school. With the flexible hours, I have enrolled in school to get my CNA licensing done. Unfortunately, my Fundamentals of Caregiving class was cancelled without notice (Elder Options, you suck…I showed up the first day of class to find locked doors! You didn’t even bother to call me, even though your office stated they called “all registered students”! No one called ME!). I just finished my second week of my six-week course. Some things are easy peasy, other things, not so much. Like I discovered I have a hard time hearing heart beats (gee, with diminished hearing in one ear, who would’ve thought, huh?! lol). So we went out and invested in a stethoscope and blood pressure cup – the “old style kind, not a digital one. And, for only $21, it was a steal! Matt has been wonderful allowing me to use him as a guinea pig on the days I don’t have class and he is in town. I’m getting better!

I did my first clinical last night. For those who don’t know, that means I am putting my new knowledge to the test in a real life facility. In the interest of confidentiality, of course, I can’t say which one, or who the elder is I am assigned to. However, I am very excited because I was assigned to the Alzheimer’s unit in a very VERY nice facility. Seriously, if I ever get to needing an assisted living facility, I want to go someplace like this one. I am also excited because Memory Care residents are the group os people I would like to work with. Crossing my fingers I can pass all my state board exams and get into either this facility or one like it.

As for goals, well, I have been pretty wrapped up in schoolschool (lots to learn and two whole textbooks to complete, along with other tests in such a short time!). I have been working on scanning more documents in to the computer to cut down more paper clutter, so that’s a step in the right direction. I am woefully behind on the rest of my decluttering though, and it weighs really heavy and frustrating on my mind daily. I find it hard to get motivated, but then get so frustrated BECAUSE I’m not motivated, or because I look around the apartment and see so much STUFF. Babysteps, I know, babysteps. Little bits at a time. Sometimes, it just doesn’t seem like enough of anything is getting done though – a whole other frustration. ARGH! This coming week, being in clinicals, I’ll actually have MORE free time (an extra couple hours!), coupled with only 2 days of work, so I should be able to conquor more. Crossing my fingers.

I did get my tomato seeds planted in the windowsill this week. At least that’s a step in the right direction for fresh, home grown food this summer. Next week – chile peppers from last year’s best of the best green chile plants we grew!


About Lise Silverwolf

A girl, her cat, and her hubby, trying to make it in this crazy world.
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