You Signed the Pledge, Now Take Action

That was the title of today’s posting by fellow blogger, Rick McCarthy, on his blog Live Your Future Now. The post is awesome (here it is: You Signed the Pledge, Now Take Action) and really gave me a good kick in the rear.

Like most psychologists have proven, goals are better when written down. Hubz and I were chatting today about all the stuff we want to accomplish this year. The list is long, and most of the stuff has been on this nebulous list in the air for more than a year. For some reason, it finally dawned on us that one of the reasons we might not be moving ahead as fast as we like is because we haven’t sat down and actually written our goals out, not even the short-term ones. So, because of this, we just kind of plug along without a definite focus or measurable achievements.

Tomorrow we are getting to meet up with my cousin and his wife for lunch. Afterward, though, we are planning to sit down and really crunch out our goals for this year in writing. We figure we can do some far-out there goals (5 years or more), some medium goals (to be done by the end of this year) and then the more immediate short-term goals (do this week/month). Myself, I’m excited to brainstorm and get them written down. Something we can post on our desk, reminding us what we are working towards. So far, here’s the short term, things to work on this week:

Matt – put in 3 job apps & clean out the boxes blocking the hallway (they are all his stuff, anyways. Nothing I could help with in those boxes)

Me: Gather everything for my FOC classes next week; scan at least ten articles into the computer for “storage” (& toss the physical papers!); sort & get rid of the stuff in my last scrapbook supplies box (all of it to be sold on craigslist – anyone want to make an offer? lol.) I also want to finishing clearing off my photo setup table (lightbox, props, etc), to free up more space in our bedroom. Yeah, a crazy place for it, I know. But with our blackout curtains on the windows, it’s one of the few places in the apartment I can really fully control the lighting setup (to take pictures of products I’m selling for the store, you pervs! šŸ™‚ ).

My last scrapbook box is one I’ve been just moving around the apartment, meaning to sort it and get rid of it, but never really get to it. Heck, it’s only half full, and I already know I’m getting rid of all of it. Just need to list the stuff on craigslist and get it sold.

So there’s this week’s goals in a nutshell. I’m going to try and post these at the beginning of every week, along with an update at the end on how we did on the previous week’s goals. Cross our fingers! Slow, but sure baby steps will get us to our goal!

On a sidenote, but still related. Did you know that today is Ditch Your New Years Resolution Day? How horrible! This is the “average” date that most people have given up on those New Year’s resolutions they made. DON’T GIVE UP!! Just make sure they are realistic and attainable!



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A girl, her cat, and her hubby, trying to make it in this crazy world.
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