Why the drastic career change?

This is a question I seem to be encountering lately. I have spent almost all my work career in the administrative field. Twenty years worth of it. That’s a long time. Now that I’m getting up there a few years from being 40 years old, why now would I choose to make such a “drastic” switch in fields, moving into healthcare?

One of the biggest reasons for my switch is the current state of the economy and crappy job market. Or really lack thereof. Regardless of the fact that I have fabulous references, excellent resume, experience and track record in various field, after two years, I still can barely get an interview. So I started checking out what other fields are growing – healthcare being among one of the best.

The second biggest reason for my change is that, after twenty years, I am starting to feel burnt out on the whole office administrative field. Yes, I’m good at it, but I’m almost dreading going back to another “cube-farm”.

In researching the new field and job options, specifically being a certified caregiver, I found the field is growing by leaps and bounds and I can easily clear $20k-$30k a year salary. That may not sound like a lot to most people. However, that small amount is still more than twice what I got when I was on unemployment. Also, I won’t be locked in a cube farm and I’ll get still interact with lots of people. Ideally, I’d like to work for one of those companies that sends me around to various people’s homes to help them out. However, realistically, I know I’ll probably start out working at one of the assisted living homes.

Either way, I’m excited to jump fields!


About Lise Silverwolf

A girl, her cat, and her hubby, trying to make it in this crazy world.
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