I’m committed!

Oh-oh! I’ve finally gone and really done it. I’ve really taken the first big step and really committed myself!

Today I called in my registration for my first caregiver class. 28 hours of fun fun fun at the end of January. It will be the FOC class that will help put me “on the lists” and able to get a basic caregiver helper job, until I get my full schooling done in February and March. Washington State has some of the strictest guidelines in the nation (or so I’m told), so every class I take counts towards my requirements. Gee, if I wanted to work in Oregon though, they have ~NO~ requirements at all for certifications! How’s THAT for a wee bit scary for the elderly in Oregon? <shudder>

I have also signed up for the Red Cross Pet First Aid class, too. Yah! I get to learn to save the pups and kitties, too! I figure if I am in a person’s home giving them care, they may have a pet that may need help also. Or something could happen and the owner doesn’t know what to do, or can’t physically do animal CPR, etc. *I’ll* be trained and certified for it though! Just another fabulous add-on service that boosts my credentials some. Plus, I want to know, just for my own sake of knowing the stuff. I love my kitty Neeko dearly and want to be able to give him the best possible care.

Next step? Choosing my school to do my CNA classes and certification. I’ve narrowed it down to two. Now I just need to go “interview” both schools and make the final decision. They both cost pretty much the same amount (within $25 of each other – yeah, *that* close!). The programs are about the same length. They, of course, use the same textbooks (Washington State approved). Will need to drag hubz along with me, since he catches some of the fine details I miss. Classes start soon, so I have to decide soon, or else I will have to wait two more months for the next round of classes.


About Lise Silverwolf

A girl, her cat, and her hubby, trying to make it in this crazy world.
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