Meet Neeko!

Neeko - my little man

I realized that I have not blogged yet about my “little man” Neeko! I remember blogging about him before, several times, but that was on my old blog (RIP old blog).

Little Neeko, being such a big part of my life, definitely deserves to be written about. He is my little furry confidant, my snuggle buddy when “Daddy” is gone, and my all around best buddy.

When I separated, then got divorced, I was forced to re-home all my dear “pets” – two dogs and eight (yes eight!) cats. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Friends took most of them, breaking our furry family apart. One went back to the Cat Adoption Team (and, to my relief was quickly readopted out again to a new family) and one sweet kitty unfortunately passed away. In fact, the kitty that passed away was Neeko’s twin sister, Maggie. Born to different mothers, two weeks apart, yet identical in every way: black shorthairs with white stars of their chests and bellies. It was terrible when she passed away. We had been picking her up from the foster home she was staying to bring her home when she went into sudden convulsions, her liver completely failing. We rushed her to the emergency clinic, but there was nothing we could do for her. We had to make the painful decision to put her to sleep and end the pain for her. I still cry over her loss, even though it’s been over a year. Even worse? She died on my husband’s birthday. Ugh…it was not a good day.

My husband has been wonderful with Neeko. You see, he is very allergic to cats. When we were trying to find a place to live, the last three of my kitties were in foster care at a friend’s house. This allowed us to still try and find homes for them and to see how we did without any pets. Unfortunately, we found I do not do well without a furry companion, preferably a cat. Oh, we tried. We definitely tried. But, as I became more and more depressed, withdrawn and snappish, we finally isolated it was the lack of a cat that was the root cause of it all. So, somewhat apprehensively, my husband was going to allow the last two kitties that had not been re-homed (Maggie & Neeko) to come home to live with us. Unfortunately, Maggie didn’t make it. But my precious Neeko did. The stipulations the hubby put down was that, due to his allergies, I had to be very diligent about vacuuming at least every other day and he’s not allowed in our bedroom (a “cat-free” zone). I quickly agreed!

Neeko, surprisingly, was probably the best kitty we could have hoped to be the last “unadoptable” of the whole lot. Since my ex literally terrorized the poor little guy, he is very shy and skittish. I remember when we first brought him to our new apartment. We set up his box, bed, food and water dishes in a couple shelves in one of the bathroom cabinets. It was the quietest part of the house that we figured he could hide in. I swear we did not see Neeko for the first month we were here! He refused to leave his bathroom sanctuary.

Even now, Neeko is truly a “momma’s boy”. He refuses to really come to anyone but me. At times, he will come out and sit just out of touch reach from people, probably so they can admire him. LOL He has his own chair, complete with a bright pink blanket & Daddy’s foot pillow, sitting right behind my computer chair. He is talkative, having a wide range of “words” and he and I can carry on whole “conversations”. My husband is always amazed by it all. Like he says, I can connect on a deeper level with my cat than I can with most people.

Thankfully, Neeko is also a very well-behaved kitty. He uses his box, claws only his scratching post, and abides by the “cat-free bedroom zone”. Well, MOST of the time he abides by the cat-free zone. Funny thing is, Neeko LOVES my husband’s shoes. Loves loves looooooves them! With a passion that is a bit, errr…unnatural. More on that in another post.

Thankfully, Neeko is also not a “snuggle kitty”. My husband really does love cats, he is just very allergic to them. It’s a lot of fun to see the two of them interacting, both pretending the other doesn’t exist, even tho they are sitting right next to each other. Once in a great while, Matt will reach out and touch Neeko – just a soft stroke. And that will just freak Neeko out! It really is hilarious to watch. Neeko will freeze in place like a statue, all the while giving Matt a horrified look. Yep, Daddy crossed the line again!

So, in all we have come to an easy agreement that works for us in our little apartment. I know I would be miserably without Neeko. The comfort and joy he brings to my life is immeasurably, even Matt cannot deny it.

Over the coming year, I’ll blog more about Neeko’s “adventures”. Everything from his bottle cap fetch tricks, to his vocabulary, to him playing indifferent to “Daddy”, and, of course, his fixation with Daddy’s shag shoes. Heck, I’ve got plenty of blog space, having to blog every day. Might as well make use of it. 🙂


About Lise Silverwolf

A girl, her cat, and her hubby, trying to make it in this crazy world.
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