What a surprise! (Job news)

At my husband’s job, this is the “busy time of year” for him. This means I don’t get to see him as much as I would like, but we know he doesn’t dare turn down any work for fear he may be passed over for the next open slot and because the “lean times” are coming. At least right now he is on the “local” crew, so he is home every night, even if it is just to grab a 30 minute nap and a shower before heading back to work. He’s working all he can because *I* am still looking for work, while pondering how we can afford the $1000 and two months of hard work to do my CNA school and certification that can almost guarantee work for me.

But all that changed today at 4pm. I received a call, with follow up emails, informing me I was being offered a job! Wow! Really?! I had to listen to the voice mail and reread the emails several times to believe it. I am so ecstatic about it. I interviewed for this job just a couple days ago, and was told then I could expect to hear from them, one way or the other, within two weeks.

The job is not a huge one. It will consist of unlocking, stocking and setting up classrooms at one of the local business colleges. They guarantee at least ten hours a week, up to 30 hours. The real good stuff are some of the perks: insurance, 15 paid holidays a year (including the whole week between Christmas and New Year’s) and 15 PTO days a year, all on top of a very nice hourly wage. Yeah, I’m just a wee bit excited by it all. 🙂

The only thing I’m a bit nervous about is the credit report they will pull and the education background checks. My credit, after going through such a nasty divorce and being out of work for almost two years has taken quite the hit. And my education, well, that’s all good, except that the business college I went to in the mid-90’s closed down shortly after I graduated. When I tried to pull my records, I was told by the state of Oregon Education Board that the school had failed to file the necessary required paperwork and that all the records were lost, including records proving my degrees. So I got stuck with the school loans, the piece of paper my degree is listed on, but no actual verifiable proof that I earned it. Grrr…after working my butt off, putting myself through school while working both a full time and part time job. *sigh* I can only hope neither of these hurdles will interfere with this new job placement. Guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get there and trudge through best I can.

In the meantime, if none of that blocks this new job, once I get my schedule, I will be able to figure out what I can in the way of school for the CNA certifications. Crossing my fingers I can still do it because it would be a great opportunity to expand my work options. Once certified, I could take on a second job through one of the local caregiver agencies or long-term care facilities. If we ever move to a different state, I’ll already have the training and will only need to take that state’s certification test to work as a CNA there.

Right now I am daring to hope that things could be improving for our little family. It certainly has been a long, often hard, struggle bathed in many tears and sleepless nights. As a history buff, I often look back on how our situations now sometimes mirror situations from the Great Depression. Granted, we are not as bad of now as they were then. Nowadays there are several government programs to help out. Many, we found out are not available to us because we do not have children (shame on us for being responsible!). I often wonder how life would be if we could live in the safenet of families “back then”, the ones that people took for granted would be multi-generational households. If we did have kids of our own, I know we would want to explore this option. Putting together some sort of “cohousing family compound” has always appealed to us. Many hands to make light work. Shared goals and experiences that only such a situation would bring. Not some hippy compound. No, something more sophisticated. Some land to grow on. A large shared “common house” with several smaller “tiny homes” so everyone still has their own space. The ideas often fluttered around my brain like caged birds yearning for free flight. So many ideas, and no way to implement them.

Someday, perhaps…someday. I’m not letting my dream of it die yet.


About Lise Silverwolf

A girl, her cat, and her hubby, trying to make it in this crazy world.
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2 Responses to What a surprise! (Job news)

  1. Charlie R. says:

    It’s good to hear that you are finally making progress in the job search department.
    I still believe that 10 bedroom, multi-kitchen house we all visited in Gray’s River would have been the perfect multi-family compound. Of course it would have taken some hard work to get most of it back into living condition but that would have just made the whole experience more rewarding.

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