Post! Post! Post! (And my new hopeful career path!)

Ack! I’m down to the wire with this posting – only 9 minutes to make it in the “required time” to qualify as a daily post. So blah, here it is!

Over the post month or I’ve been researching several career fields. Since my 20 yrs of administrative and office experience no longer seems to qualify me for ANY jobs, it appears I need to try to switch field. There are three, so far, that appeal to me:

The first one is also the one that will take the longest. I would love to get my bachelors degree in Homeland Security. Yes, they do offer such a degree now. It is a regular four year degree from various accredited colleges and available online. The only problem? Well, it takes FOUR YEARS! And well, as much as I’d love to only do school, I still have to keep a roof over my head and the cat fed. So, for the very short term, I am “shelfing” this idea.

Option two: barber school! I must admit this sounds like a fun AND useful one to do. Something I definitely want to do, just to have the skills to have, even if I never make it as a barber! The school only takes 6-9 months, so it definitely is more “doable” for the immediate. The biggest drawback is the cost – $6000 upfront, payment in full before classes start. And that’s just for the least expensive one. And, again, I still need to keep a roof over my head and kitty fed during that time. Hmmm….

So that brings me to option 3, by far probably the best in the short term. CNA training. It only costs about $1000, takes only 2 months, and the job field is BOOMING! OK, not the highest paid or most glamorous of jobs, but still probably the one with the most reliable job field. This one, definitely more realistic right now.

Now, just to convince my husband that we somehow need to find $1000. 🙂 Wish me luck!


About Lise Silverwolf

A girl, her cat, and her hubby, trying to make it in this crazy world.
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