What do you prefer?

Today’s Topic? Do you prefer to talk, text message, or a different communication method?

Ahhhh…an easy question for me to answer! I almost always prefer texting. I may not be very fast, or the best speller, but for me it is easier. I have never been a big “talker” either tho. I never spent hours on the phone during my teen years, like so many girls I knew did. For one, I wasn’t allowed to talk on the phone unsupervised (yeah, I grew up in a weird home…I’ll blog that ordeal someday). For two, I never had many close friends growing up. So I never really picked up the “phone habit”.

I consider myself a pretty shy person, so texting gives me that extra minute to think about what I am saying, without, hopefully, putting my foot in my mouth in the process. You see, I have this nasty habit: I often will blurt out whatever I’m thinking, or answers to questions, without realizing the effect my words may have on someone. My oldest, dearest friends realize this is just one of my quirks, part of my honesty. To those who are not familiar with it see me as “too blunt”, sometimes thinking me cruel. And yes, I know I may lose friends by this blunt honesty. I certainly do try to curb it.

In the meantime, I still prefer texting. My cell phone is my constant companion. My closest friends know my awkwardness on the phone. They often will text me to spare me from having to talk on the phone. That is partly to their benefit, too. The few times people do actually CALL me, I often will stare bewildered at its ringing and fumble with my phone, trying for some time to remember quite HOW to answer it – green button, green button, I chant. It’s as if all knowledge of complicated technology completely leaves my brain when this tiny device rings. A couple of my friends have commented on my funny reactions and what they must imagine I am thinking as I stare at the phone, wondering what to do with it. Thankfully, they always know that if I miss to call, to leave a voice mail: I’m probably there staring at it trying to figure out how to answer it. I don’t WANT to miss their call, but can’t seem to wrap my brain around how to answer the phone.

On the other hand, when I get a text, I can usually answer it almost immediately. Unless I’m driving, of course. Then I have to wait for a red light. 🙂  Last year, for my birthday, my husband and his family gifted me a new, more up-to-date cell phone. It is small, it is shiny, it have a full qwerty keyboard and even a camera! Whoa!! Big time for me! No more pecking a button 3-4 times to select the letter I needed to type. Now I could text more than three times as fast! And I can now stand in the store, snapping shots of products I want to check prices on elsewhere, or craft ideas I want to remember and try at home. Or even, and this is the evil side of me, snap pics of girls with horrible muffin tops for my special “Muffin Tops R Us” album I’m working on (hey, you go out in public purposefully looking like that, I *will* exercise my right to snap a pic of you!). I am still figuring out all what I can do with this new shiny toy. It’s a new adventure every day with it. 🙂




About Lise Silverwolf

A girl, her cat, and her hubby, trying to make it in this crazy world.
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