Share something that makes you smile

So today’s blog post is supposed to be: Share something that makes you smile.

Wow! Just one item, photo, idea, or memory? That simply just cannot be done! I have so many things that make me smile throughout the day. From the time I wake up, snuggled next to my husband, warm on our heated mattress pad, hearing my sweet kitty meowing to get wake us up, to then padding in to the shower and getting under the hot water, sipping my first taste of my husband’s fabulous espresso, all the way through the day, fast forwarding to laying down and looking up at the holiday lights I haphazardly strung above our bed. It’s almost impossible to pick just one or two things to write about, but I will try.

One of the most simplest things that makes me smile is those holiday lights over our bed. Matt laughs every time he sees them, but they bring me a smile every time. I’m not sure why. It may be because I remember stringing a set of lights around my bedroom window when I was a child. It was a special kind of “holiday nightlight”. So this year, I bought a small $1.50 string of lights at Walmart and decided to put them up, bound and determined to have something pretty for the holiday. And not those fancy new LED lights either. Oh no, it had to be the “old school” lights.

I got them home and immediately screwed in some cup hooks in a somewhat straight line over the bed and strung the lights between them. Satisfied with what I thought was a cool idea, tho somewhat garish, I eagerly awaited for my husband to come back from his latest trip for work to show him my latest handiwork.

Oh yes, surprised he was. The first thing he did was gawk, then laugh. Then, in the gentlest possible way he could, he said it was a most hideous sight. Hrmph, I answered. The lights are staying. Shaking his head, he conceded to allow them to stay, seeing as I was not going to budge, no matter how crazy the lights looked or how impractical they seemed.

And so stay, they have. Sometimes, upon retiring to bed, my husband will ask if I would like the holiday lights on while we read, always knowing my answer will be yes. I love laying in bed and looking up at them them, casting their warm soft glow across the walls. They give me that “warm fuzzy” feeling. Simple pleasures.


About Lise Silverwolf

A girl, her cat, and her hubby, trying to make it in this crazy world.
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